Sunday, April 27, 2014


On the head of the race they are doing 10k and with that average in about one day they will finish. Who will finish first is another story. Since the last post there was some changes on the lead but they remain as close as before: The 5 first separated by 25Nm and the leader is followed by the 2nd at only 5.8Nm.

Two days ago  Delahaye/Richhomme were leading. Now they are second, having been overtaken by the ones that then followed close, Gahinet/ Meilhate; 3rd and coming from behind, passing Lunven/Péron and Rolan Jordain/Le Pape, a duo with a lady: Alexia/Laurent. They have made a fantastic race. They have been away from the Figaro class on the last years doing mostly IRC racing but it seems that they did not forgotten nothing about their sail background: Alexia on the mini racers, Laurent on the Figaro. Rolan Jordain/Le Pape are now 4th and Lunven/Péron are 5th. Some great videos:

Roland Jourdain and Martin Le Pape
A bord de La Cornouaille por transat-ag2rlamondiale Gahinet/ Meilhate
Traversez l'Atlantique avec Safran - Guy Cotten por transat-ag2rlamondiale

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