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The name does not ring a bell? Probably not, it is a very young Italian NA that freshly out of Venezia University starts to be noticed, first with the boat that he designed for his thesis in Yacht Design, under the supervision of Maurizio Cossutti, the 11.90, a plywood/ epoxy/Carbon performance cruiser and now with a gorgeous daysailer in strip planking, the 950.

Both boats are beautiful, the cruiser managing to wide the chines needed on the plywood construction, using them functionally with a hull that in his transitions remembers the ones of the last monohull America's cup boats, beamier of course and the daysailer, that looks even more gorgeous. It has a narrowish hull, an inverted bow and the same type of hull with a more soft approach allowed by the construction method.

The 950 has a beam of 2.50m, a draft of 1.90m a ballast of 700kg, weights 1890kg and has 47m2 of sail area upwind.
The boat program was dificult and interesting. Comuzzi says about it:
"The shipowner has in fact expressed the need very clearly from the outset to be operated by only one person with specific mobility requirements.
The design of the boat allows the sailor to move freely without facing steps or the need to go on deck for mooring or setting the sails. This aspect characterizes the overall design of a boat that is developed with a well stretched up almost at the bow cockpit, interrupted only by the contrast of the self-tacking jib, which can be raised if necessary in two halves to allow passage (including navigation).
The maneuvers are of course all at your fingertips and are served exclusively by a single central winch . All lines are hidden for maximum clean look...
The hull is designed to have good stability and speed even with little wind. The boat is in fact designed for light winds in summer and has sail area of 41 m2, not exaggerated considering the use primarily in solo. It can use a gennaker or code zero.
The boat will be built of laminated mahogany and the internal structure will be made of marine plywood and epoxy resin. This provides great rigidity and lightness.
It will be installed inboard engine , a shower of fresh and salt water, fridge, autopilot, bathing ladder, and all those useful convenience for a day daysailer."

A movie showing the way the plywood cruiser is built:

It seems structurally very well designed and results in an incredibly light boat ( 4677kg). Probably all those bulhkheads have allowed a less thick hull allowing for enough strength and a lighter hull.

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