Tuesday, April 22, 2014

videos: TRANSAT AG2R

Already two or three days ago I didn't understand why the organization was giving the lead to the group on the North since on the next days there was a lot more wind pressure on the South..... and I had reasons to be suspicious since now the bigger South group  is clearly leading. They will be increasing  his distance over the northern group on the next days.  Probably the old salts (on the North) are done and the victory on this race will go for a new generation team.

30Corsaires : " on ne peut plus se quitter " por transat-ag2rlamondiale

La Minute Santé - Les accidents à bord... por transat-ag2rlamondiale

Remember that crazy video at the beginning of this blog, with two crazy sailors with a Figaro 2 in a storm, "training"  for this race? It seems they have trained well since they are the leaders  now :-)

Lunven/Peron  have 12Nm over Gahinet/Meilhat and 22 over Delehaye/Richomme and they are sailing between 8 and 10k.

Some days ago, after Morvan having lost his mast it happen the same to another favorite:  Tabarly. Both masts  broke in normal circumstances and it  was due to the breakage of the the same stay on the rig leaving to believe that someone is making stainless steel with less quality or that the new allowed sails put  more pressure on the rig. Anyway something to be corrected on the boat "jauge".

19 avril : Démâtage de Gedimat por transat-ag2rlamondiale

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