Saturday, April 19, 2014

SPI OUEST 2014 - SF 3600 versus JPK 10.80

Well, first day of the long waited battle between the two hottest  new boats (IRC2) and...first race a A35R wins in compensated and real time ( RT - 1.40.41), a A35 make 2nd in compensated and 6th  in real time (1.42.17), the JPK 10.80 comes 3rd in compensated and 2nd in real time (1.41.26), then a First 40.7, 4th in compensated and 3rd in RT (1.41.50) then the SF 3600,  5th in compensated and 4th in real time. Anyway all really close in real time.

Second race and the winner is ....the First 40.7, in real and compensated time (2.58.22), 2nd in compensated and real time the SF 3600 (2.59.46), 3rd in compensated and real time, the A35R (3.02.31), 4th in compensated in real time a JPK10.10 (3.12.35), 5th in compensated and real time a A35 (3.18.22), 6th in compensated and real time the JPK 10.80 (3.20.40).

I hope the JPK 10.80 had technical problems since the time is not good.
 The hero here seems to be the JPK 10.10, a smaller boat that normally races in IRC3, that had made 8th on the first race in compensated, 5th in real time (1.43. 16)  and that on this one made a spectacular 4th in compensated and real time.

On IRC3, on the first race, 1st on compensated but only 3rd in real time a Sf 3200, 1st in real time and 2nd in compensated a JPK10.10, 2nd in real time and 3rd in compensated another JPK10.10. Then more 3 JPK 10.10 in real and compensated time.
On the second race on the 7 first places 6 JPK 10.10. Among them a SF 3200 in 4th in compensated but only 6th in real time.

Two comments: 
Most of the times the classification in compensated is very close to the one in real time and that is a great,  only possible due to the high quality of the crews that are closely matched.
And the other comment has to go to the JPK 10.10. What a boat!!! This one wins not only in compensated but also in real time, going as fast as bigger boats.

Not yet movies from this edition, so some good ones of past editions:


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