Monday, April 7, 2014


The rich with good taste (that's why they have a sailboat :-) reunite some days in the year to really have fun sailing and one of these occasions is in St Barth, on the Caribbean. This year's movie is just beautiful as some of those huge yachts. Before being too critic regarding the ones that own those huge yachts remember that some of them have recovered some of the most beautiful yachts ever, boats that would be lost if not for them and also that each of those yachts racing gives jobs to dozens of professional sailors, hundreds if we consider all the boats. I much rather have them sailing than motoring even if they belong to another world.

And also some great images from the 2014 Heineken regatta, also on the Caribbean. Both movies were made by a drone and that's just amazing what can be done with a relative inexpensive equipment. Of course you need to know how to properly use it and no doubt Pigeon's vision, the company that made both movies, mastered its use. 

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