Saturday, April 19, 2014


Surprised they went with a teak toe rail. also don't like the way the aft end of the coachroof tilts higher. I thought it would have a more sleek look. (parallel to the deck a bit more).
Also....are there any winches on the coachroof? i'm not seeing them.

Paulo: On the teak rail toe I am as surprised as you. It was not on the original designs (it had an aluminium one) and it is hard to justify on this type of boat. Regarding the 4 winch setup they were already on the drawings. The Allures 45 has a 6 winches set up. Probably the higher cabin on the Garcia would not allow the direct passage of lines and would not allow for winches on the top of the cabin (for reefing). 
So they would have the choice to have 4 on the cockpit or six. They have opted for two on each side. That means that while reefing you would not have the line from the frontal sail on a winch, but blocked while you are using the winch for reefing. That will allow less control over the boat, or at least a more difficult one, while reefing.

Regarding the looks it was to be expected. If the boat had a gently sloped forward cabin "glass", a bit like in an automobile, the looks would be better, but the temperature inside the boat on the tropics would be higher.
 I have designed once a building with that kind of slopped backwards windows. It works effectively in what regards keeping the sun out, but a movable extensive protection for the sun  would have probably worked as well not making the boat look so "heavy".

The higher central part of the coachroof has a function: it works like a fixed dodger providing a "dry" entry to the boat (look at the first picture) as well as two places to be outside warm and dry even on bad weather.

Again it could have been designed other way but it would be harder to make it lower without making the forward part of the cockpit lower (that is used in some boats) but it raises other problems as well as diminish the interior space. On the Allures 45 the problem of keeping the water out in bad weather passes for a removable dodger.

Another solution on the Allures 45,  a very nice one in my opinion, an aluminium fixed small dodger in connection with a removable bigger one:

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