Saturday, April 26, 2014


Just 550nm to the finish (a bit more than 2 days) and 4 boats inside 20Nm and quite frankly given the wind forecast it seems even closer to me:

If you like racing it's time to follow this one closely because those guys will give everything they got for winning: 1st, Delahaye/Richhomme; 2nd, at just 5.4Nm, Gahinet/ Meilhate; 3rd at 15.1Nm Lunven/Péron; 4th and first veteran, at 19.7Nm, Rolan Jordain/Le Pape. They are doing all between 8 and 9K.

23 avril : sur la route des grands aventuriers por transat-ag2rlamondiale

24 avril : Vivre dans un 9m², vue sur mer ! por transat-ag2rlamondiale

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