Monday, April 14, 2014


The intention was to make this Blog an international one and that's why I, a Portuguese, are writing it in English, the most international language. I bet that some of you ask yourself who is looking at it? The ones that are participating are well known but the ones that are lurking are a mystery. Well I have the means to give a pretty good idea of the audience origin and can satisfy that curiosity:

US and Canada put together have about the same number of visitors than Europe. In Europe the countries that visit more are Italy, Portugal, UK, Poland, France and Germany. The surprise comes for my mostly unknown Poland friends, showing that Poland is not only today the country where more sailboats are made but also one where sailing and sailingboats are appreciated. I am really glad with that :-).

Also a large number of visitors from the other side of the world:  Australia,  way more than Canada and about the double than any single European country. A warm welcome to the visitors from the other side of the world and this includes the ones that are really the big surprise, my unknown Taiwanese friends that are as many as the ones from any single European country and have also more visits than Canada.

Quite surprisingly for me the number of visitors from Asia and Oceania. They are not far from the number of visitors from the US and are a big percentage in what regards Europe. That leaves me very satisfied.

To all a special request. Give me more feedback on the comments. I really enjoy knowing that my work is appreciated and that is a blog that never sleeps, one where the sun never sets, a real global one.

Thank you all!!!

All the best,



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    1. I owe you an apologize. Send me me an email or give me your email and I explain.



  2. Hay! Paulo! You forgot to mention some reader from Chile! hahahahaha

    1. Hi José.
      Desolated with those huge fires in Val Paraiso :-(. I never had saw a thing like that! Scary and dramatic is the least it can be said.
      No I did not forget you but I was talking about traffic. They only register the main entries. South America to my regret does not register.

  3. The Valparaiso fire was so big that half of the city is now just ash. Valparaiso is like San Francisco, USA, a city on the mountains around the bay, and those days the conditions was perfect to get the most dangerous fire: 30 to 50 knots of wind, 30ºC and less than 30% of humidity, in any other condition a fire like this is not possible.

    Of course as I'm probably the only Chilean that read your blog is impossible that my country get any position on your statistics.